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Scale Up for Torah Prep School

36 Hour Crowdfunding Campaign September 19-20

With the click of a button, you can SCALE UP Torah Prep School.


You see, ever since we opened our doors, donor generosity has been the engine that has propelled us forward. 


Every single day, more than 320 students fill the halls and classrooms of our two buildings. There, they study. They pray. They grow into passionate learners and into leaders. 


Now, during Aseres Yemei Teshuva, it’s time to SCALE UP this school of excellence. 


When you donate, you demonstrate your commitment to leading with a Torah mindset. To caring for the social, academic, and emotional needs of each child. To our rigorous, comprehensive curriculum that prepares children for long term success.


Your gift is an investment in Torah Prep. It is an investment in the faculty and staff who are so dedicated to each and every student. It is an investment in the very best of the Jewish People.

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