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Accreditation & Awards

Torah Prep School of St. Louis

We are proud to be accredited by AdvancED, an organization that is recognized as a leader in achieving educational quality. Torah Prep was visited by a team of educators from AdvancED for an external review during the 2013-14 school year. Among all St. Louis-area schools that AdvancED evaluated that year (including prestigious private and public schools), Torah Prep ranked second overall. We were informed that our high rating was in large part due to our exceptional faculty.


In AdvancED’s report about Torah Prep, the professional reviewers made

the following comments:

  • “In addition to a rigorous academic program, the school is committed to developing critical minds and a life-long devotion to learning that informs moral choices.”

  • “Students were engaged, interested, and enjoying their classes and interacting with each other. Classes were very well-managed and passing time was quiet and orderly, with students being noticeably polite and well-mannered.”

  • “Evaluations of learning environments revealed good management in all classrooms. Teachers appeared to be friendly and had a high level of rapport with students ... Hands were raised, questions were asked, and students discussed their work with teachers and with each other when appropriate. Students didn't appear to be afraid to take risks in learning, with a very open learning atmosphere emphasizing rigor and higher-level critical thinking.”


Torah Prep is also affiliated with Torah Umesorah National Society

for Hebrew Day Schools.



2023: St. Louis JPRO Dedication Award: Rabbi Yossi Golombeck (Torah Prep Boys' School Menahel)

2017: St. Louis JPRO Dedication Award: Judith Gordon (Torah Prep)

2015: St. Louis JPRO Educator Award: Mrs. Zipporah Yaroslawitz (Pre-K Morah)

2012: Leader in Education Award (presented by the Governor of Missouri and funded by Peabody Energy): Mrs. Racheli Staum (Torah Prep Girls School teacher)

2012: St. Louis JPRO Emerging Leader Award: Mrs. Mindi Mintz (Girls’ School Menaheles)

2011: St. Louis JPRO Visionary Award: Rabbi Tzvi Freedman (Executive Director)

2009: St. Louis JPRO Mentor Award: Mrs. Beth Brown (Current 3rd-Grade Boys Teacher; Former General Studies Principal)

2008: Stuart L. Raskas Outstanding Day School Teacher Award: Mrs. Shari Glestein (Kindergarten Morah; Math teacher for Middle School Girls)

1994: Stuart L. Raskas Outstanding Day School Teacher Award: Rabbi Yaakov Pentelnik (2nd-Grade Rebbe)

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