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Judaic Studies

Girls Division - Torah Prep School of St. Louis

At Torah Prep School, the Limudei Kodesh Division endeavors to imbue in our students a strong foundation in Torah learning and character development, through the implementation of a rigorous academic curriculum and dynamic extracurricular programming. Emphasis is placed on instilling in our students a deep appreciation for their Torah heritage, for Klal Yisrael and for Eretz Yisrael.  


We aim to produce Bnos Yisrael who are well educated, strong in their commitment to Torah values, and capable of growing through life’s challenges. In Torah Prep’s warm, nurturing environment, each student is given individual attention and focus. And, to the credit of our devoted faculty, each student is empowered to thrive and succeed.


Curriculum and Implementation:

Our Limudei Kodesh curriculum has been created and developed to engender maximum performance and achievement, from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The curriculum, which is sequential and builds on itself both qualitatively and quantitatively, includes the following areas of study: Tefillah, Kriah, Ksivah, Halacha, Yahadus, Yedios Klaliyos, Parshas Hashavua, Ivrit, Beur Tefillah, Chumash and Navi.


A wide array of methodologies and tools are used by our faculty: student-centered learning, frontal teaching, cooperative learning and differentiated instruction. In the planning and presentation of material, our teachers appeal to all learning styles — visual, audio, and kinesthetic. Our faculty is committed to reaching and inspiring students of all levels and capabilities, challenging those who are academically stronger and accommodating weaker students.


Our teachers continuously build their repertoire of classroom techniques and strategies, growing in their own professional capacities to impact and constantly improve their classroom instruction. Development of textual skills is a primary goal, and Ivrit / Lashon Hakodesh is reinforced throughout.  


In all subject areas, heavy emphasis is placed on engaging the students in their studies and giving them an appreciation for the relevance of their learning and the way it impacts their middos and spiritual growth


Co-Curricular Programming

Alongside the Limudei Kodesh curriculum, an exciting array of supplementary learning and extracurricular programs have been set up to reinforce the curricular studies.


Middos Program: The younger grades enjoy a weekly Middos Program, when they explore and study different middos, discuss how they can develop these character traits and better their interpersonal relationships.  Through activities, decorative bulletin boards and the culminating middos choir and performance, we impart to the students the feasibility of character growth and its importance as a lifelong goal.


Master Milim Faster: To increase our students’ knowledge of common words used in Tanach, we instituted a vocabulary program beginning in 3rd grade. A list of nouns and verbs critical for textual Chumash and Navi are given to the girls each week so that they can ultimately master the entire list of almost 600 words by the end of 8th grade. This program enhances their ability to learn text inside, while incorporating additional Ivrit learning into the curriculum.


Hashkafa Class: A weekly hashkafa class is part of the Middle School program, with a rotation of topics that are taught, including the Ikrei Emunah (13 Principles of Faith), Pirkei Avos, chapters in Jewish history, and mitzvos bein adam l’chaveiro. The students explore and internalize the lessons through discussion, projects and exciting interactive group activities. Each unit culminates with an “MP3 assembly” to review the previous unit and introduce the next one in an engaging way.


School Unity Programming: Alongside our curricular instruction, we explore special themes through schoolwide programs that are educational and also build a palpable school unity. Whether it’s a shemittah program teaching about the halachos and hashkafos of this mitzvah, a color war for rosh chodesh Adar, a Brachos Boost culminating in a grand banquet to celebrate the learning of hilchos brachos, or a GAGA program teaching the students to Give A Greeting Always…something dynamic is always going on at Torah Prep!


Shmiras Halashon Program: An integral part of the learning in the upper grades, this program helps students to gain a greater appreciation of their power of speech and how they can harness this gift constructively, building their friends and family with positive words. Through class discussion and journaling, the students also become proficient in the relevant laws.  


Limudei Kodesh Fair: Every few years, a special Limudei Kodesh fair is held at school, highlighting a specific Judaic theme, for example Shabbos or Eretz Yisrael. The fair is a labor of love on the parts of the teachers and students, who invest tremendous effort in preparing elaborate and engaging presentations for the event, which is attended by Torah Prep families and friends. A highly educational and exciting project, Torah Prep fairs are an all-time favorite.


Siyumim: An extremely beloved component of Torah Prep School is the way our students celebrate accomplishments and milestones with their classmates and teachers. Through creative siyumim and plays, our students highlight their class’s significant achievements.  The Limudei Kodesh faculty believes deeply in the importance of the students having a geshmak and joy as they learn and grow, and class performances and siyumim are a primary way of facilitating this goal.


Student Council: A yearly theme, decorative bulletin boards, incredible chagigas, melaveh malkas, rosh chodesh breakfasts, and a special Student Council play are but a few of the dynamic components of Student Council.  Through these programs, Torah Prep students learn to have a good time in a constructive and productive way, to work together as a team and to develop leadership skills.  They discover their strengths and talents and learn to channel them appropriately.  They learn to express appreciation and to be responsible, and the list goes on…..and they have a wonderful time, too!

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