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Girls Division - Torah Prep School of St. Louis

A variety of resources are available to Torah Prep students to enable them to thrive and grow — regardless of educational background or ability.


Our Learning Specialist serves as a liaison between the parents, teachers and administration to ensure that the students’ needs are met in the best possible way. Through classroom observations as well as individual and group-student work, our support staff collaborates to best serve our students’ needs.


A Resource Program is available to students who benefit from extra assistance or who find it challenging to function in the classroom setting on an average performance level, with the goal of mainstreaming them back into the classroom at the right time.  Students are assisted in different subject areas and with different techniques, catering to the individual need. 


Our Reading Specialists give specific attention to helping students build their reading skills and proficiency. They work individually with students who demonstrate lagging skills in reading and writing, whether English or Hebrew. Students are also given organizational support.


Additionally, a social worker from Jewish Children and Family Services is at school once a week to meet with students as needed. She also guides teachers in dealing with classroom challenges. We also work closely with the Special School District to ensure that the students receive any necessary services.

Torah Prep Girls’ Division:

8659 Olive Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63132

P: 314.569.2929  

F: 314.569.2258  

E: girlsoffice@torahprep.com 

Torah Prep Boys’ Division:

609 North & South Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63130

P: 314.727.3335  

F: 314.727.2258  

E: boysoffice@torahprep.com

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