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Special Services 

Boys Division - Torah Prep School of St. Louis

Differentiated Instruction: DI is being implemented throughout the school with the use of tiered worksheets, choice boards, grouping by interest and ability, and offering multiple options for sharing knowledge and assessments. 

Social Emotional Health: We are thrilled to have partnered with The Miriam Learning Center to bring in a school social worker 3 days a week.  Interventionists also spend time working with our teachers to support them in meeting the social and emotional needs of each student, creating individual support plans for students, and working with individual students to help them develop important skills.  

SNAP On-site Program: New for fall 2024 special education and related services for qualifying students in Torah Prep School are provided throughout the school year by the Special Non-Public Access Program (SNAP). Services will be provided at designated public school SNAP sites after school, and now (NEW) during school hours.

Reading Specialists:  Our reading specialist staff give specific attention to helping students build their reading skills and proficiency. They work individually with students who demonstrate lagging skills in reading and writing, whether English or Hebrew. Students are also given organizational support.

Learning Support This program is available to students who benefit from extra assistance or who find it challenging to function in the classroom setting on an average performance level, with the goal of mainstreaming them back into the classroom at the right time.  Students are assisted in different subject areas and with different techniques, catering to the individual need. 

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