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Early Childhood Our Philosophy

Torah Prep School of St. Louis

Torah Prep’s Early Childhood Program is built around the premise that play is the work of children. During the first five years of life, the human brain forms trillions of brain synapses in response to learning experiences — and play is what fuels this growth. Through building, singing, role playing, sculpting, rhyming, digging, sorting, matching and nearly every other way that children play naturally, our students learn fundamental Judaic concepts of Shabbos, chagim, parsha, and middos tovos, as well as core skills that turn them into curiosity-driven learners.   


By observing our young students “at work” — whether at the crafts table, on the playground, or in the reading center — our teachers can glean volumes about the child’s skill level across many developmental areas. Using this information, our teachers create tailor-made, multi-sensory projects and activities to help the children explore, experiment, make connections, and build foundational skills.


Throughout each school day, there are also a myriad of opportunities for the children to make decisions, take initiative, problem solve, and collaborate with their peers. At Torah Prep, our goal is to create an environment that is modeled after the healthy family, where every member is valued and needed.


Our faculty consists of veteran teachers, many with decades of experience, who are committed to helping each child learn about their Torah heritage, build skills, and discover their strengths — all in a warm, safe, nurturing, and fun environment.


At Torah Prep, no year is the same: our teachers are always responding to the particular needs of their students. They are constantly learning new educational techniques and dreaming up better ways to engage their young charges. The passion that our teachers exude is contagious, and is usually the first thing visitors notice when they tour our school.


Come and experience it for yourself. Call our main office to schedule a tour.  We would love to show you around.

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