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General Studies

Boys Division - Torah Prep School of St. Louis

Torah Prep’s General Studies program emphasizes the importance of striving for excellence in all areas and in all academic pursuits. 


The curriculum is structured in a sequential way to ensure that the appropriate academic skills are acquired in each grade. Our students work hard to attain mastery of critical thinking skills in math, social studies, language arts and science — all in an instructional climate that is nurturing, supportive and respectful.


We are accredited by AdvancED and we meet or exceed all their rigorous standards. Our graduates leave Torah Prep prepared for the rigors of high school academics and for the challenging world beyond.  They have consistently distinguished themselves both in their professional and academic capacities and in their contributions to the community.


At Torah Prep, we are concerned with the needs of the whole child, including social and emotional development. Our rebbeim and teachers encourage the students to recognize and value their unique strengths and to work to develop those strengths to be productive members of society.


Language Arts

In our Language Arts program, students learn to articulately and effectively express themselves and to communicate, both in the written and spoken medium and to present their ideas with clarity and confidence.  Spelling, vocabulary and grammar are all integrated into the discipline to meet this goal. We encourage our students to become avid, lifelong readers through exposure to quality literature and to use research to further enhance the learning process.  Our teachers are trained in the best practices of literacy instruction and the science of reading.



Torah Prep’s approach to the study of mathematics is to enable and empower the students to appreciate that math is an integral part of everyday life.  Through solid foundations in computation, math theory and problem solving skills, the students are equipped to tackle real-world applications of math through analysis and critical thinking.  Math skills are acquired through dynamic teaching and spiraling of skills through the grade levels to achieve mastery.



Our science curriculum is structured on inquiry-based lessons that encourage critical thinking and problem solving. Our hands-on, interactive approach — which includes labs on a weekly basis (in middle school)  — helps concretize the learning for the students and helps open their eyes to the niflaos haBorei (wonders of the Creator). Our program includes life science, physical science, earth science and environmental studies.


Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum gives students a rich background and historical Torah perspective about our world and the impact of events and change on that world. The students are taught to appreciate their place in an ever-changing society and how they can derive meaning and learn crucial lessons from the actions of people and the events of the past.  Thematic, hands-on lessons bring this discipline alive for the students.


Other Curricula

Art:  Our goal is to generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work using creative and innovative thinking.


Physical Education: Different age apropriate art elements and design principles are explored.In addition, students benefit from a stimulating physical education program where they develop gross motor skills, cooperation, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Computer Curriculum: Designed to help students master typing skills as well as give them experience with universally utilized programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.  They also learn basic computer coding (middle school) with the Tynker program. Creative projects and activities complement the lessons.

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